Depending on your need and request I will customize a ritual ceremony. The methods I use are many and range from evocation of spirits, invocation, candle spells to manifesting events on the astral plane. 
I deal with several kinds of customer requests. Here are a few:

Rejuvenation/healing: The world today can be very draining on us and sometimes affect our health. In this type of spell I’ll balance the energies in your chakra and restore lost energy.

Love magic: Sometimes we need this extra boost to get someone’s attention. With love magic I will aid you in making your aura more attractive and/or push the desired object/person in your direction. I will manipulate the events so that they will take place and so that you will shine and attract the love you desire.

Money/financial magic: I can bless your certain business deal, draw clients/customers, find a work and any other request that you might have regarding economy.

Legal matters: For making sure that justice prevails and that false accusations disappears, and other legal issues.

“An extra hand”: This is a service where I’ll burn a blessed candle along with prayers for you to give you an extra boost in whatever you do.


These are just a few examples of services we offer. Don’t hesitate to ask if your request isn’t listed above. We have the right to refuse services, and we are not responsible for the results. Price: $60-$250 depending on the request.

Consulting a magician

Consult with me over a cam-call about any questions or need you might have. Most of the other services begins with this if the client is not fully sure what/how we wishes me to accomplish with the magic. Send me an email and we’ll book a time suitable for both of us, with time-zones taken into consideration.

Time: About 30 minutes



Price: $30


Many times in our lives we are faced with situations and circumstances where we’re not quite sure where we stand or what to do. Through a detailed reading with tarot, runes and psychic scrying I’ll help you shed light upon your path, no matter what the questions are. You may either choose to get your reading live during a cam-call or sent to you in a text document to your email.


Price: $50

Talismans and amulettes

If you want to attract something to you or keep something away for a longer amount of time, then you might want a talisman/amulette. Our amulettes are handmade, engraved and charged for whatever purpose you need.


Price: $120-$250 depending on the request